How to Tell If a Girl Likes You (The Easiest Way)

Do you spend way a lot of time and energy trying to tell if a girl likes you?

Some guys think endlessly about which girls like them, or whether or not a girl enjoys them and which girls don’t, and so on. They over think it like crazy and look for signals, indicators, they attempt to read her body language, and make it way more complex than it must be.

There’s an easy answer!
On the other hand, you’ve some men who are otherwise ordinary/cool but totally clueless when a girl likes them. Unless someone or the girl right up tells him – even when faced with a girl who really really likes him –, he doesn’t have an idea on how to tell if a girl likes him.

Fortunately, the issue can be solved pretty easily for both sorts of guys. The means to tell if a girl likes you is really a lot simpler than you might imagine…

The way to tell whether a girl likes you

The greatest way is… eye contact. Eye contact, eye contact, eye contact.

This is quickest, the easiest, and most straightforward way to tell if a girl likes you.

Eye contact in this instance means both:

Real eye contact where you stand looking at each other
But also

Attempted eye contact on her component – where she is just looking at you
It might appear obvious but I’m constantly surprised by how many men do n’t pick on this. If a girl is making an unusual amount of eye contact with you, or she is attempting to, in almost any situation it means that she likes you and believes you’re not unattractive.
I am talking about think about it – You keep taking a look at her! She’s hot!

Girls do the very same thing. When a girl likes you, she is going to keep looking at you because she believes you’re hot.

She keeps looking at you and if your girl is alone, she likes you.

If you’re in a group with a girl and she keeps looking at you, she likes you.

If you’re speaking to a girl and she holds eye contact for a long time, she enjoys you.

If you are alone and there’s a girl in a group of folks who keeps looking at you, you are liked by her.

If you haven’t spoken to some girl and she holds eye contact, she likes you.

Greater than usual eye contact = girl, or protracted, attempted likes you.

There aren’t many exceptions to this rule.

Of course, it’s potential that a girl might be looking for another cause at you.

In case you are dressed like a clown in public, it’s likely due to that and not because she likes you.

It’s also possible that the girl thinks she understands you, or you look like someone she knows.

It’s also potential (but improbable) the girl is looking at you and laughing on the inside because you appear silly (in which case you’ve work to do).


How to tell whether a girl likes you in social scenarios

This eye contact notion is particularly true in social settings where the odds of people partnering off and hooking up on is high.

You are going to end up in social groups where nobody actually knows each other if you go backpacking for example. You might be doing some day time action like seeing sights with the group, or you might be going out drinking and partying with them at night.
She keeps looking at you through the evening, and if you’re going drinking out as a group, there’s an excellent chance you can hook up with her after that night.

If there’s a girl in the group who is giving you lots of eye contact, then she has ‘picked’ you (as they say) and it is possible to probably hook up with her after if the logistics work out.

The best way to tell whether a girl likes you

In case a girl is really into you, she’ll likely begin touching you as well as look at you a lot. (Although ordinarily, girls are more touchy than men).

In case a girl likes you a lot you may be touched by her on the arm, chest, hand as well as face. If a girl is teasing and she keeps hitting you – this is a superb sign she likes you also.

It’s not entirely impossible for a girl to really really like you, rather than touch you. But when you is touching a ton – you can be fairly sure she likes you.

Another tell that is good is if a girl is talking in a group but just looking at you. There may be other people around who are involved with the conversation, but to you personally and just if the girl is looking and speaking directly, then she likes you.

How you can tell if a shy girl likes you

That is a tricky one. Shy girls are reserved and almost by definition it’s harder to tell what they’re believing or feeling.

In my experience, when a bashful girl likes a guy, she expresses it, it’s merely done otherwise than girls who are more outgoing.

With a timid girl, you undoubtedly have a lot less to go on. You can’t expect her to proclaim that she likes you or that she thinks you’re not really unattractive.

All you can really do is lead the interaction and see if she goes along with it. If you’re discussing and it seems like she’s having a superb time, trendy. She doesn’t pull away or act odd, great – and if you get her hand, she likes you.
The most significant thing is that the lead is taken by you. That’s your responsibility.

Also keep in mind if she really likes you – girls get nervous just the same as guys do that the timid girl might be nervous around you.

A timid girl can also be behaving quiet, and it might seem like she’s not interested, but then all of a sudden she’ll do something truly caring or that demonstrates she likes you in a quick and intense “fit” of behavior. Don’t act surprised should this happen or call her out on it or anything – only roll with it and comprehend that it means she likes you but is likely nervous or too timid to express it the remaining time.

By the end of the day, you have to take the lead and ‘ than you’d otherwise be the man’ in the interaction more, and see where it goes from there.

Closing Thoughts.

One last significant thing is this does not mean that each girl who doesn’t doesn’t do any of these things doesn’t like you. It’s not impossible that she doesn’t discover you, is deflected, nearsighted, etc.

Then again, it’s also possible that she just doesn’t enjoy you.

I trust this is helpful. Good luck!