10 Weird Reasons Why People Fall In Love

Individuals fall in love each day; yet, when a couple goes completely gaga over one another, what is happening within their brains? Over the last few decades, several scientists have looked at the rules of interest — what is it about your chemical makeup that ignites up chemistry with another individual? Brian Grossman, a psychologist in Los Angeles, said that it’s never like pheromones, only one thing or facial symmetry. Nonetheless, there are some specific, concrete features that lend themselves to long term relationships and interest. This list includes 10 strange reasons why people fall in love.



Their interest is signaled by an individual’s voice. When they’re brought to someone voices of women, go down, and voices of guys go up.

Walking Speed

A walking pace that is same is also one of the reasons for love. He enjoys by reducing walking pace matching speed with the woman when a guy finds a romantic interest.


In a European study about facial and attractiveness age, scientists wanted to determine whether Botox actually does help women find mates. The women who underwent facial processes experienced a remarkable reduction in perceived age, and people rated them as much balanced and alluring. The more treatments the women got, the more they were considered appealing, healthy and youthful.


French researchers found that musical practice is linked with sexual selection. In an experiment, a guy holding either guitar case or a sports bag requested 300 young ladies for their numbers. When the man held the guitar case, more women were ready to give him their number.

Facial Hair

Additionally, scientists discovered the more facial hair a male had, the more manly a female perceived him to be.


Their genetic make-up may influences the kinds of relationships people form. A study in Italy found that individuals with specific relationship styles were likely to carry particular biological markers in the brains.

Symmetrical Face

Females often prefer guys’ faces that are symmetrical, based on an Australian study.


Researchers at the University of Texas discovered that ladies with a waist-to-hip ratio are more appealing to men than ladies with wider midsections. They think that a great waist-to-hip ratio may signal into a male that the lady has good reproductive ability and wellness.

Postal Code

A study reported in Psychological Science discovered that where money and food are limited men who reside in cultures have a tendency to find heavier women more appealing than slimmer ladies. The additional pounds may be seen by these guys as a symbol of status – a buxom figure indicates having the means to purchase a large amount of food.